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Buddha’s Hair: Chapter 3 January 24, 2010

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Another Cold wet night in the vacation cottage of Mike and Issy.

Michael Truth is experiencing the ripples of thoughts of Patrick Rafner.

Buddha’s Hair ?

Issy has dressed inviting.

“Hey Mike”

Issy disturbed the ripples of thoughts of Michael Truth.

“I am sorry Issy. I did miss enjoying your beauty” – Mike Said.
“What is disturbing you My dear ?” – She asked in a romantic way. But Mike is not in the mood.
“Buddha’s Hair”
“Are you crazy ?”
“No. I think there is a truth”
“We are in vacation to enjoy our love”
“Yes! But I am not able to.”
“I think the documentary man inside you is awake”
“Yes! I think so…”
“Can I get back to my documentary business”
“ok … Lets pack up”

She looked at his eyes. It is not watching the great beauty of her. It is not attracted towards her cleavage.

“Mike! Where you need to go ?”
“China… Issy”
“China ?”
“Yes! It is buddhist country. May have clue for the hair. I think so”
“Thanks Issy for understanding me”

The Rays of moon fall on the body of Issy. Her evening gown almost made her legs completely visible making a scenic beauty of a fairy. But nothing is Impacting Mike. It is time for China for him.

– To be continued


Buddha’s Hair Chapter 2 – Bad Telcom January 14, 2010

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Buddha's Head: Was there no hair?

Buddha's Head: Was there NO HAIR ?

The Day Dawn in the cottage of Mike and Izzy. They had a romance last night.

Isabella Just finished her bath came out of the bath room. She started wearing her inner wears.

“May I help you” – Michael Truth asked from the bed.

“Yes! My Majesty” – Issy replied.

He started hooking her bra.

“Hey Mike – Patrick called me” – Issy Started the topic.

“Did he ?”


“It seems while he was chating with a ghost, he heared a voice. A Cross talk”

“Issy! I think the communication link between earth heaven is not good”

“May be. But the Matter is he wants to speak to you. It looks he is much intersted. It looks to be a food for your thought”

“ok! I will speak to him”

“Sir! I can take care of my rest of dressing”

“ooh! Sure my Queen!” – Mike stopped the conversation. He searched for his mobile phone. He picked it. He called Patrick.

“Hey Pat! This is Mike” – Truth started the conversation.

“Hey Mike! Did Issy Say anything to you …”


“Okay. I will start. It seems Buddha died with a head without hairs. You need to research on it.”

“I don’t think so”

“Mike! But I got a strong message via a cross talk. Please think about this. Your name will get more fame.”

“Okay! I will do”

The call was done. Michael Truth looked to start a new documentary series.  Isabella and Mike are going for the break fast now and then to boat house.

But really did Buddha die with no hair head ?

-To be continued

Buddha’s Hair! – Chapter 1 January 9, 2010

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It is cold night in Seychelles.  The Sea is calm. The Night is beautiful. A perfect fit for Honeymoon. A Long cherished dream for Michael Truth with his lady love is waiting momentarily.

The Mobile of Michel Truth is ringing at the Blue Moon Residency.

“Hello! Michael Truth” – Michael Started the Conversation.

“Mike, This is Patrick Rafner” – The Reply came.

“Hey Patrick! How are you doing?”

“I am doing good. How are you?”

“Good until this moment, if you are going to start ruining my vacation”

“Sorry to bother you. But I need a historian like you now”



“Patrick understand I am with my girl friend on a vacation. Once I am back I will speak to you”

“Hey Truth! It is about an interesting fact. About Buddha … ?”


“Yeah …?”

“Patrick, whatever it is. I need to spend time with my girl friend. Thanks for the understanding”

Michael Truth hung up the call. Michael Truth works for BBC 4. He is a documentarian and makes documentaries on history. Patrick Rafner is his friend. Both study together until college. Patrick is Ghost speaker. He speaks with dead people. He acts like a bridge between the dead people and their relatives. Michael truth is on first vacation with his lady love Isabella Berlusconi in Seychelles.

A Death and a Daily life …! December 3, 2009

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Death and Daily Life: Life wins!

It is a cold night in my residence. My friend who is staying with me want to walk out of the room and to come back in couple of hours. He said that he did get a disturbing news from his family. The News is his uncle is death. He comes from east of India.He want to sit alone in a park or to roam in a shopping mall to come out of the disturbance.

A Death is not easily digestable. That too when you loose your near and dear ones to it. I feal, fear and morn for death is the victory of a disciplined and organised life. If you don’t fear for death – you may not be like the present one.

It was my mother who once said to me – “Death is not winnable at any point. So crying for death is not going to make anything for you.”

Though you understand you or your near and dear ones cannot live forever, you cannot stop your eyes crying or heart getting into sorrow. Life is short! But it is mystery.

Being from Indian village, it is very tough for him to control his emotions. The villages of India still has blood and nail relationships in the present fast moving world.

Life is Short. But Miles to go before I sleep! And the Miles to go before sleep is the verse which drives human life. Survival is not easy as same as death. It is tough to live for sometime – but it is very tough to die even on those scenarios.

He may forget this in  few days and get back to normalcy. But another death may impact another guy in the fast moving world. Keep you to think about some one you loved in your fast going routine life as like we think about independce and freedom fighters on Independence day. Death may also a message for the fast forward world.

Being death is simpler than loosing some one who is you loved a lot. I think few might thought so when you have lost someone. But life keeps moving as the clock ticks.

Let  peace be reside upon all who are death until now. Let us all get healthy helping life!

Sleeping time December 2, 2009

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Sleep is Good

Sleep is Good

Did you ever slept in class room ?

Was that not a heaven? Did you ever find difficult to sleeping once you grown up. Grown up is actually a single term to say sheding the happiness of childhood.

I did hear about Nepolean sleeping while he was sitting in the horse. How can he sleep like that? He did say “ I have brain with compartments. I will close all compartments and open the compartments which is dedicated for sleeping”. Per my thought it was like single tasking i.e No Multi-tasking system.

But sleep has more dimensions. Bible praises sleep as saying  – In sleep ideas are earned. The South Asian religion Hinduism also has such thoughts. It says in one of its text as waking a guy in deep sleep is also a sin. It says it is bad to wake a guy in deep sleep.

As  I am not a religious guy – it would be better to look at the legitimacy of the above said words to me.

The present days physcians says waking a guy in middle of sleep can cause heart attacks.

Sleepless ness is a disease. Sleep is a great boon. It is the only medicine which makes you to forget the world around you.

I am circling back to a text of religion Hinduism, There is a character in Ramayan, the Hindu epic called KumbaKarna. This character sleep for years and wake when he likes. It is tough to wake him. The waking up of Kumbakarna is explained in detail in Ramayana. It was more than a war. But he was woke up for the war of Ramayan.

Sound sleep gives sound day. I have seen physians asking did you sleep well last night?

Sleep is being described as activity of lazyness in few instances. But naturaly it is an activity of preparing you for an active work.

Sleepless eyes are not good for health.  Sleep is much valuable – getting it in anasthesia or sleeping pills, may be a victory for Science and medicine – but a disaster for your life.

It is good to exercise for good sleep. The Former president of India APJ Abdul Kalam asked to Dream.

It means Sleep first. Because we need to sleep to get good dreams.

Sweet Dreams!

A Touch Cures ? November 29, 2009

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A Touch: Natural Medicine with Affection

A Touch: Natural Medicine with Affection

In most Christmas days – I did see the story of Jesus Christ. Christ cures diseases by a touch.In my childhood – I did see an advertisement with a statement “The tablet does half and the touch does the half to cure”

 When I was impressed by a statement of my friend – I did not hesitate to say “You touched my heart”

 When I was seeing an emotional picture – My friend uttered, “A touching Story”.

 I think there are a lot said to me “I deserve a massage for the hard work I did”

 What is common on all these is  a “Touch”.

 My Question here is – “Really a touch heals or not?”. Most says “Yes”.

 There are different techniques of touching.  The techniques may “Reikhi” and few may “Healing Touch” and few “Touch therapy” and others “Massage”.

 Reikhi is supposed to be related to Asian / Asia Pacific. There are debates about Healing Touch and Reikhi. People are debating on “Which is best?”

 The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”

 Reiki is done by laying hands over part of the body.

 Healing Touch assists in balancing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Healing Touch works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal.  It is safe for all ages and works in harmony with standard medical care. 

 Though the definition of Healing touch and Reiki looks similar, people say they are different on performing.

 Massage involves acting on and manipulating the body with pressure – structured, unstructured, stationary, or moving – tension, motion, or vibration, done manually or with mechanical aids.

 The Touch therapy looks similar of these too again. I don’t know this message has massaged your brain or touched your heart.

 I think this not so touchy blog. Let me try to get touchy article soon.

Language Terrorists October 30, 2009

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Language: Killer of Silence


I think this is a time for another blog post about languages. It is a tough concept in grammar.

The grammarians say it as silent letters. The concept speaks about letters physically present but vocally absent.

Psychology – But pronounce as Sychology. Where is the P?

But in due course of time the world of languages may kill silence, the terrorists are in the world of languages too.

Did you ever think of a word which exists now may possibly had silent letters in its past?

Rice might have been like arice. “A” might be silent and killed by language terrorists in due course of time.

The Concept of silent letters appears in European and Dravidian languages – May in other languages.

It looks to be partly global to me.

But I find another interesting think that silent letters become vocally present and their silent nature is killed.

Who are these language terrorists? How do they kill silence? Time may be one factor or one weapon in their hands. But what are the other factors? A deep research may be needed.

The heredity of languages had really gone through a phase of transformation or simplification or redefinition.

The word Rajan in all Indian languages is not having the silent letter. Might Sanskrit do not inherit it?

But look at its equivalent or possibly the root Arasan. The Pathetic truth here is “A” became vocally pronounceable now in the language which provided it. Who Incarnated “A” as a sonic “A” instead of silent “A”?

Who are these Gods of sounds? Language is just not a tool of communication. It is mirror of Psychology of a race and history of the land. It is default history career.

I am not killing the silence. Was Language born on killing the silence ?

coutesy: UNESCO for the picture.


The Rat Hearted Lion October 24, 2009

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Power : The Nature of Lion ?

Power : The Nature of Lion ?

Story telling is an art and an enjoyable business. I love to say stories if you are Okay. But I don’t like to narrate a heavy weight story now. I keep my fingers crossed.

I heard this story when I was in my primary school. I am not sure you know this or not. It was a Jungle. A saint was in deep meditation. He was suddenly disturbed by a rat. He opened his eyes and looked at it. The Rat has no option left to save itself other than saying the reason to disturb him.

The Rat did explain that it was being chased by a cat. While trying to escape from the cat, it disturbed the saint.

The Saint said that he will rescue it by his power. He changed the Rat into a Deer. The Rat turned deer is now free from cats.

Days passed. Again the saint was disturbed on a fine day. The Deer said it was now being chased by a tiger. The saint again decided to save it by his power. He changed it to a Lion. The Deer turned lion is so happy. It is free from Tiger and now it is the king of all jungle lives.

Days passed. Again the saint was disturbed on a fine day. The Lion was disturbing him. He looked at the lion. He was not able to understand which was chasing it. It pointed a direction. The saint looked there. There were cats chasing the lion.

The Saint understood – you can change the outlook but not the nature of a life. Wherever you try to change the nature of life or anything, you miserably end in disaster.

You may see short durable victories as the saint saw.

If you change the nature of the earth by your power (thinking you as powerful) – you are the one to miserably fail. You may end up in Rat Hearted Lion. Thanks for reading the story. I may come back to you in a week worth of time.

Cheers mate! Save the Nature! To get your life saved!

Lingugenitical October 10, 2009

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It is another day with my Internet browser. Browser is a great a teacher. I

 still used to think how great men think alike? Is it a genetic defect or genetic effect?

I was researching about Languages and found almost a same question partly answered or answered but not accepted by all.

It looks languages as an idea of genetic idea by few and creative thinking by few. Languages differ from land to land. Geography, history and culture are the factors. But how could be genetic?

MIT linguist Noam Chomsky says language is genetic. Though I am great fan Chomsky, I am yet to get convinced with his analysis on language.

Few others say – Language as tool of communication and to the capacity of brain – decides it.

Sergei Anatolyevich Starostin of Russia was saying all languages might have born from single language. Before hearing about the book The Selfish Gene – I was not a believer of thoughts or nature being passed from Gene to Gene and maintained to at most.

Language: A Genetical Idea or creative Idea ?

Now I am thinking about Noam Chomsky’s analysis and the book selfish gene. Lets get confused. Let’s get more reading on this. But I am not pretty confident on genetically fabricated idea on languages.

If we think, everything is based on Gene – then it is genetical engineering to be the god of future and may be evil too. I think everyone is capable of learning any language in the world.

Okay ! Let’s come to the question “ Will Great Men think alike ?”. Do you accept the people who created Languages as Great Men? If so why they thought differently and why we have differently. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

I think Great Men think very unique. Comparison of great Men / language is not correct. The Question which you may need to research is “ Are languages genetical or creative idea ?”

Obama Wins! Nobel Fails to Make! October 10, 2009

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It is a move cannot be appreciated. But Obama may deserve it. The words of Obama did not make any change. As I was looking into South Asian issues, I found a very terrible fight going on in Sri Lanka. It was described as ethnic cleansing. But there were no impact to Sri Lanka. The Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) described the military victory as the unification of the country.

I did not see Obama making any victories in the trouble some lands of any corner of the land. At the same time – he is initiating a world with out conflicts. He tries to walk in the way of world renowned non-violence god Mahatma Gandhi. But Gandhi did fail to stop the partition and the post-partition violence in India and Pakistan.

If Obama makes a peaceful world, it is greatly appreciated. Violence is a double side sharp weapon – per Gandhi. But Gandhi did not possess any chair of power. It is always tough to be a good President then a good dictator.

I think Nobel Prize should be given for achievements and not for initiatives. If Nobel Prize did not find achievers, it is shame for world than Nobel Prize committee.

I congratulate Obama on this occasion. I would like to see him as a man like Gandhi or Dalai Lama. I hope he is eligible to make it. But the timing of this award is so early and need to be analysed.

Lets congratulate Nobel Prize committee for awarding Obama and not for Rajapakse of GoSL.